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We are lipid experts who use science and knowledge in lipids to explore, innovate, and create new developments that allow us to meet the needs of consumers.

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Team Solutions® explores the requirements of brands in various markets. With this in mind, we create something unique that gives each brand a competitive advantage that is completely aligned with its value proposition in order to create memorable experiences for its customers.

We are honored to be a member of the Alianza Team®

We are the B2B division of Alianza Team®, a multi-Latin organization with over 75 years of experience, a leader in the lipids, nutrition, and frozen bakery sectors, that seeks to contribute to Nourishing a Better Tomorrow with value solutions that have a positive impact on our clients, consumers, and the environment.

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In line with the objective of nourishing a better tomorrow, Team Solutions® is committed to our clients, consumers, allies, and the conservation of natural resources throughout the value chain, as well as to providing solutions that meet high quality standards.

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