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Bogotá CO21/962866

Buga CO21/962868

Barranquilla CO22/962870


Buga CO21/962867

Barranquilla CO22/962869

Bogotá CO21/962865


Certification: KOSHER


  • Bogota- Colombia
  • Barranquilla- Colombia
  • Buga –Colombia
  • Morelia -México

Certification: Halal,  Chile


Santiago- Chile


Santiago- Chile


Certification: ICONTEC GPTW


  • Recognition for having trustworthy policies and practices, generating commitment and a sense of belonging to a team.
  • Oct 2018 – Oct 2019
  • Colombia


Certification: RSPO


Check our progress on www.rspo.org

Certification: FSSC 22000


  • Bogota-Colombia
  • Buga-Colombia
  • Barranquilla – Colombia
  • Morelia – Mexico
  • BredenMaster – Chile
  • Maipu-Chile

Plantas auditadas por SMETA


  • Bogotá -Colombia
  • Buga-Colombia
  • Barranquilla – Colombia
  • Morelia – Mexico
  • Maipú – Chile

Certificado nivel II

ISO 9001


Certification: ISO 9001:2015


  • Plant: Bogota: SC189-1
  • Plant: Buga: SC189-3
  • Plant: Barranquilla: SC189-2
ISO 14001


Certification: ISO 14001: 2015


  • Plant: Bogota: SA051-1
  • Plant: Buga: SA-CER593699
  • Plant: Barranquilla: SA051-2
ISO 45001


Certification; ISO 45001:2018


  • Plant: Barranquilla: CO-OS009-1

Certificación ISO 28000:2007


  • Planta Bogotá: CO18/8045
  • Planta Buga: CO18/80487
  • Planta Barranquilla: CO18/8046

Certificación FSSC 22000:2013


  • Bogotá- Colombia
  • Barranquilla- Colombia
  • Buga –Colombia
  • Morelia -México

Awards and Recognitions


2010 Portfolio Award for Environmental Protection


  • The Portfolio Awards feature the efforts of organizations and individuals that achieve outstanding management and that contribute insistently with the economic, social and academic improvement of Colombia.



  • Highly innovative companies of Colombia
  • These first 89 companies are part of a pilot program, demonstrating innovation driven activities in a systematic manner. They are all based on the evaluation of relevant processes in accordance with international standards.

Merco Corporate


  • Among the 100 top companies of Colombia
  • Merco (Corporate Business Reputation Monitor) is already a world reference monitor. It is a reputational evaluation instrument launched in 2000, based on a multi-stakeholder methodology that combines five areas of evaluation and twelve sources of information.

Merco Talent


  • One of the 100 best companies to work for in Colombia in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • This is one of the six studies that is part of the world’s first audited monitor. Merco (Corporate Business Reputation Monitor) is a reputational assessment instrument operating since 2000. It is based on a multi-stakeholder methodology that combines five areas of evaluation and twelve sources of information.

2010  Portafolio Award, granted for environmental protection.


  •  One of the 20 most innovative companies in 2016 and 2017, in Colombia. The magazine Dinero and the association for businesses ANDI measured, for the first time in Colombia, innovation efforts performed by the national industry. The study was performed in 15 economic sectors in 13 departments; a total of 219 companies were  evaluated. Team® was ranked number 14.


 Recognition for the R + D + i business unit for our business practices, capacities, research and development projects. This recognition is added to those already awarded by Colciencias to Team® such as as: Research Team in 2015 and Highly Innovative Company in 2016, which enables us to:

  • Present innovative research and development initiatives for selected tax exemption benefits.
  • Project presentation independence without endorsement of qualified academic research groups.
  • Submit tax benefits exemption projects without cut-off dates for bids and calls.
  • Obtain additional score in the evaluation of innovation projects by signing the innovation pact.

Merco Empresas 2016

 One of the 100 most responsible companies with  best ethical practices in Colombia,  2017. This ranking has been carried out by Merco Colombia since 2007 and highlights companies for their corporate values in three fundamental pillars: social, environmental and ethical. It is also the result of the assessment of 10 expert groups, including: executives, CSR specialists, financial analysts, economic information journalists, government / administration, NGOs, consumers and influencers.


Great Place to Work


  • 2019 Ranked 6, Great Place to Work
  • 2018 Ranked 15, Great Place to Work
  • 2015 Ranked 11, Great Place to Work.
  • The Great Place to Work® Institute performs research and recognizes leading workplaces in more than 45 countries on six continents.
  • The competencies of these leading companies establish the foundation of the world’s most respected and extensive series of studies on excellence, management and role of trust in workplace culture.

2010 Portafolio Award, granted for environmental protection.


  • Halcón de Oro (The Golden Falcon) is a  CVC recognition, recognizing continuous  environmental management and performance improvement for taking measures and strategies before the conservation and protection of natural resources.
  • The prize is also awarded to those who contribute to the improvement of the environment, quality of life of the Valle del Cauca residents and the competitiveness of the region in terms of the sustainable development framework.

District Environmental Excellence Program


  • For 11 years, the
  • District Environmental Excellence Program (PREAD) of the Ministry of Environment has recognized companies that by means of good practices have improved their environmental quality program.
Great Culture To Innovate

Certification  GCTI Great Culture for Innovation


  • This certification accredits us as a benchmark for other companies which invests in transformation and innovation processes. September 2019 – Colombia.

¿Did you know that one mismanaged liter of used cooking oil may contaminate up to a thousand liters of water?

Alianza Team® is committed to caring for the natural resources throughout our value chain. Therefore, with our firm purpose of nurturing a better tomorrow, Project Manos Verdes®  was born.  This project is responsible for closing the cycle of used cooking vegetable oil (UCO) in establishments in the HORECA industry and guarantees adequate disposal transforming it into Biofuel. 

Manos Verdes® has prevented contamination of water sources, pipe obstruction and provides a solution to one of the greatest issues of the industry, not knowing how to dispose this kind of waste.

We have, with this initiative, collected more than 3 million liters of UCO in more than 72 Colombian municipalities (including San Andrés Islands), saving hydric resources of more than 1 million people. 


Learn more here:

Manos Verdes
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