CHAPTER 4: Transforming the market

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In the framework of the fulfillment of the 2030 Ambition, we believe that our people, innovation (open and closed) and sustainability are the three levers that day by day allow the consolidation of these great commitments based on the following strategic axes:digital transformation, measurement and reporting culture, and strategic communication with our stakeholders-thus transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring that lipids and our brands make the difference.



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By nurturing a better tomorrow we create a better world.

With our higher purpose of nurturing a better tomorrow and leaving a better world for future generations, at Alianza Team® we seek to reach households with relevant and differentiated solution. Building brands based on a deep understanding of our customers and consumers, we expand our portfolio to make a difference with our lipids, aware of the responsibility we have towards the markets and the world, which we achieve through three fronts:

Quality team at Bogotá Facility - Alianza Team®

Open and closed innovation

We know that innovation is the main path to sustainable growth and that it is one of our greatest corporate capabilities. Having innovation within our DNA and organizational culture, we overcome the current context challenges and transform them into opportunities with the highest standards of quality and safety so that through lipids and our brands we can make a difference.

Innovation team

Learn about our innovation efforts

  • We invested 1.28% of our annual sales in research and development of products and solutions.
  • We were recognized by:
    • Great Culture to Innovate
    • The National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANDI) in Colombia and Dinero magazine as the sixth most innovative company in the country and the first in the food sector.
    • We worked with albora, our private equity fund, and ReINNventar for the third consecutive year at the corporate level to recognize and promote innovation in Alianza Team®.

The innovation of our brands and products


We reach homes with relevant and differentiated lipid solutions through brand building, always keeping the customer and consumer in mind to meet their needs and maintain our relevance in the market from one of our main strengths.

Achievements 2021

  • We launched 152 products in Team Foods and BredenMaster®.

BredenMaster® entered the Digital Channel in support of our customers

Jappi Burger expands into plant-based proteins

We launched Olivetto Hummus and modernized the brand image.

We consolidated Dagusto's home bakery portfolio and launched the first online sales model for the brand.

Our health and nutrition guidelines
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Aware of our responsibility to share complete and accurate information regarding the nutritional content we provide, we focus our communication efforts on being transparent and timely.

Achievements 2021

  • We work with the National Association of Businessmen - (ANDI) in self-regulation in advertising and nutritional labeling of food.
  • 95%* of our products have a nutritional labeling scheme.

* Based on the selected sample of products

Ricardo Bernal

Alianza Team® employee

Organizational excellence

In 2021 we managed to overcome the adversities of the current context, creating opportunities that transmit confidence to our clients and consumers, being ethical and congruent between what we declare and what we do, and thus building a legacy in the market with our actions, always identifying opportunities for improvement.

Achievements 2021

  • Installed a new refinery for the Buga facility
  • We adjusted our Morelia facility operations for greater efficiency
  • We continued with the permanent dissemination of our Corporate Integrity Line.
  • We responded to 100% of the complaints and claims cases, and resolved 99.48% of them.

Alianza Team® Legal Team


At Alianza Team® we firmly believe that through our people, innovation and sustainability we will successfully achieve profitable and responsible growth of the organization, our higher purpose to Nurture a better tomorrow and the 2030 Ambition. We will continue to work to make a difference and generate value solutions for our customers and consumers, shareholders, and suppliers, leaving a better future for generations to come. 


To close the shared successes of 2021, we would like to thank all of our employees and all our partners who, with their time, resources, optimism and ingenuity, have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and ambitions. 


Looking ahead to 2022, and knowing that greater resilience, agility, innovation, union and teamwork will have a deeper and more lasting impact on everything that matters to us, we will continue to accompany and move forward hand in hand with our communities and stakeholders. We will continue to implement and give continuity to projects that allow us to create a better world and thus, together, achieve our goal to Nurture a Better Tomorrow.

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We reach homes with relevant and differentiated solutions through brands that generate a positive impact, leveraged by our people, innovation and sustainability.


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