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Commitment 2: Our planet

Carbon neutral

Our purpose of Nurturing a better tomorrow implies going beyond supplying the market with products with the best quality and safety, it means innovating every day with solutions that respond to the environmental and social problems that are affecting the world, through the permanent review of processes and the way in which we generate value to stakeholders, working every day to leave a better world for future generations.



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We seek to generate a positive impact in the places where we have direct and indirect presence through:

The path towards the consolidation of the climate strategy

We worked hand in hand with technical experts who have allowed us to understand the strengths and opportunities we have for climate change management. 


This year, with the support of the consulting firm GAIA, we embarked on the path to establish corporate environmental goals by evaluating the guidelines of Science-Based Targets, starting with an in-depth review of the environmental indicators and operations of the company's seven facilities. We adjusted roles and responsibilities for the organization's climate management from the highest corporate level, creating an interdisciplinary work team.

We will continue to build capacities with 100% of our direct employees, who comply with the culture of measurement, analysis and reporting that represents us within the organization, focusing our actions on generating a positive impact on our environment, based on a rigorous review of our processes and the opportunities we have to continue contributing to building a better world.

Environmental management indicators
[T15; T17; 302-3; 305-4] 

We focus our actions on generating a positive impact on the environment, reviewing our processes and the way in which we generate value in our operations, which has allowed us to show progress in the following indicators in 2021:

Water intensity (m3/ t.e.).


  • We highlight the work of the Morelia facility, replicating the Colombian water treatment model, allowing Taquito, a betta fish, along with five other fish, to live inside a fish tank 100% fed with water from the treatment plant, demonstrating purity and quality. 
  • 91% increase in recirculated water at the Barranquilla plant compared to the previous year.

Energy Intensity (MwH/t.e.)


  • Recovery of more than 50% of condensates at the Morelia facility, associated with maintenance management and infrastructure repairs, thus reducing the consumption of natural gas for operating processes; we expect to reach 70% recovery by 2022.

Use of ordinary waste (%)


  • The Fontibón facility in Bogotá and the BredenMaster® facility in Chile had a 15% and 66% improvement, respectively, in the separation, use and recovery of waste.

Emissions intensity (TON CO2/ton)


  • Reduction of the corporate carbon footprint by 18% (under the current measurement) thanks to the efforts of each of the facilities.
  • We began the transition of the organization towards the consumption of renewable energies. Since April 2021, 100% of the electricity supply of the Chile facility is supplied by renewable energy from the Huatacondo solar plant.
Commitment to the environment


The protection and care of the environment, through the appropriate use of natural resources, the inclusion of circular economy processes, good practices in accounting and carbon footprint management from a full life cycle analysis perspective throughout the value chain. We reinforce our commitment through the following lines of work.

Green at Heart (Verde de Corazón)

The Verde de Corazón team is made up of voluntary change agents in Colombia, Mexico and Chile, multipliers of the environmental message, with a genuine interest in positively impacting the environment and leaving a better world for future generations.

Refinery team at Alianza Team® Buga

Achievements 2021

  • Reforestation of 200 native trees in the area of influence of the Buga facility in Colombia along with other initiatives, achieving the participation of 137 internal volunteers. 
  • Awareness-raising on water resource protection to 22 families in the Huertas en Casa project with the support of 42 employees at the Barranquilla facility in Colombia. 
  • Installation of rainwater harvesting systems in the area of influence of the Morelia facility in Mexico, as a solution to the problem of water stress in the area.
  • For the thirteenth consecutive year, we received the PREAD Environmental Excellence Award, granted by the District Secretary of the Environment at the Bogotá facility in Colombia.

In 2015 we took on the task of closing the used cooking oil (UCO, ACU in Spanish) cycle in Colombia, using this residue for the production of biodiesel, and six years later this commitment drives us to keep leading this change throughout the region. We built the largest UCO platform for Colombian households, and today we have more than 1,600 collection points in cities such as Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cali and Medellin. We also expanded the scope of collection for the HORECA sector, visiting 31,241 points of sale, including new restaurants, deepening our value proposition by offering solutions that provide traceability and security in the proper disposal of this waste. 

In 2021 we collected 963,142 kgs of ACU, which represents 25% more than what was collected the previous year, avoiding the emission of more than 2,311,540 kg of CO2, and the contamination of 1,046,893,300 liters of water.

Manos Verdes team - Alianza Team®

Packaging: results, materials and projects

Materials, packaging and containers are one of the greatest challenges for the food and beverage industry in terms of impact and pressure on the environment. From the generation of opportunities that maintain the design and quality of packaging, we aim to ensure that 100% of our packaging achieves its maximum potential for reuse, either by reusing those that are legally and technically possible or by ensuring their incorporation into a local production cycle, preventing them from being improperly disposed of in a landfill or water source. 


Last year we proudly announced the launch of the first oil bottle made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, avoiding the use of 127 tons of virgin PET resin. In 2021, our Superfry brand in Panama shifted its packages to use PET made from 100% post-consumer recycled resin.


In Chile, we faced the new legal requirements regarding packaging, complying with the Recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility Law (REP Law), which establishes a framework for waste management and extended producer responsibility.


  • Team Foods Chile voluntarily joined the RESIMPLE Collective SIC, a system that will manage waste collection goals, specifically for containers and packaging, and report the results to the corresponding government entity. 
  • BredenMaster® joined as a founding member of the Great Collective Management System (GRANSIC) promoted by New Hope Ecotech/Todos Reciclamos, under which it expects to comply with the collection and recovery goals associated with packaging.

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