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We are a leading organization in the lipids, nutrition and frozen bakery sector, which seeks to contribute from its experience in order to Nurture a better tomorrow with value solutions that generate a positive impact on our employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and our environment.


Formed by the union of six companies producing vegetable oils and fats with more than 75 years of experience in Colombia, we develop innovative, different and relevant products, services and technological solutions, where through lipids, we make a difference and generate value for our customers and consumers.


What moves us as an organization, and why we get up every day with conviction, is to nurture a better tomorrow. We work for this purpose by guaranteeing sustainable processes with positive impacts on the development of our society, leveraged on a culture of innovation in which growth is aligned with the strategies of the nine business units in which we are organized and each of our four strategic business groups (SBGs): Team Solutions, Team Foods, BredenMaster® and Team Caribe.

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Team Caribe was created in 2021, with the objective of having a strategic coherence that will allow us to continue growing and being closer to our clients and consumers and to the value chain in the Caribbean region. We are convinced that this new SBG  will lead us to continue our growth path.

Expansion into new geographies
Production plants

Corporate governance & culture


Understanding where our inspiration comes from, we have been aware that there is no growth, innovation and development if we are not the best allies and generate value to our stakeholders, create integrative alliances with our customers, consumers and suppliers, and leave a better world for future generations alongside an exceptional, committed and passionate team, which allows us to fulfill our higher purpose every day.


Through our culture model, we highlight different values and characteristic attributes of our people. With courage, passion and resilience, we will continue to find new opportunities to build a better planet for all, basing our actions on the four priorities of our organization:

We continue to measure the organization’s progress with the S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment, the basis for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, ranking 25th in the world in the food industry, fifth in Latin America and third in Colombia in 2021. This result reaffirms our commitment to nurture a better tomorrow, establishing actions that positively impact our environment and society, driving us forward. This would not be possible without the support and contribution of all Alianza Team® employees who stand out for being innovative, reliable, optimistic, entrepreneurial, agile, transparent and safe people; starting from the example set by our shareholders and our Board of Directors, permeating the entire organization, firmly believing in living and reflecting the principles and values stated in our Policy Guidelines.

Our shareholders

Growing in a profitable and sustainable way, striving to be the best investment.


Building  a  better world for future generations

Our clients, customers and suppliers

Developing long term alliances that are mutually beneficial.

Our people

We believe in people, their talent and potential to achieve everything we set out to do.

We are positive and entrepreneurial

We live with passion,  courage and conviction to generate value throughout the value chain.

We are agile and innovative

Defying the status quo, searching and learning from change with resilience

We are allies in order to make the difference

With depth and knowledge, we offer solutions that transform our surroundings.

We are safe, trustworthy and transparent

We are committed to positively impacting our stakeholders, and delivering on our commitments.

In addition to these four premises that drive our results and impact on the three sustainability dimensions, economic, environmental and social, Alianza Team® employees stand out for being innovative, reliable, optimistic, entrepreneurial, agile, transparent and safe people. In addition to having these characteristics as individuals, as a corporation we share our principles, values and the guidelines that we comply with throughout our value chain in our Policy Guidelines hus declaring our corporate behavior.

From the shareholders and the Board of Directors of the organization, to the commercial and facility teams, we firmly believe in living and reflecting these behaviors in everything we set out to do to ensure consistency with Alianza Team® principles and values.

Sustainability at Alianza Team®

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We align our prioritized material issues and the commitments stated in our 2030 Ambition with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda by contributing to 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals and 30 of their specific targets:

  • Innovation, research and development capabilities
  • Supply chain assurance (ESG compliance & traceability)
  • Supplier development
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Packaging and materials
  • Circular economy initiatives
  • Operational eco-efficiency
  • Partnerships for development
  • Risk, HR & Compliance
  • Profitable Growth

Strategic Relationships

Preparing today for the challenges of the future with relevant stakeholders in our areas of influence

Knowing and understanding the needs and expectations of our stakeholders is essential to fulfill the organization’s growth strategy, leaving a better tomorrow for future generations. It allows us to anticipate future trends and changes, proactively managing risks and capitalize on the opportunities that arise to protect and strengthen our corporate reputation. Therefore we actively participate in different guilds and associations in both national and local initiatives among which stand out:

  • Voluntary Agreement for Zero Deforestation in the palm chain
  • Carbon Neutrality Program of the Colombian Ministry of Environment
  • Collective for the management of materials and packaging Vision 30|30
  • SIC Corporate RESIMPLE
  • Large Collective Management System
  • Clean Production Agreement
  • Association of Industrialists of the State of Michoacán A. C.
  • Association of Edible Oil and Butter Manufacturers

Committed to transparency, integrity and compliance

[T18, 102-17]

Andrea Ángel

Risk Manager

Risk and Compliance

We work continuously to promote a culture of compliance and transparency, managing the risks to which our operation is exposed, in order to achieve the proposed objectives and improve the competitiveness of the organization, always convinced that our ethical and correct actions are the best legacy we can leave in the market.


In response to the global context of the health crisis, we updated our strategic risk analysis, focusing on strengthening our preventive and proactive management, recognizing the new challenges that have arisen for our operations and revalidating the existing ones.

Andrea Ángel

Risk Manager

We will continue to work hand in hand with our stakeholders, managing initiatives and challenges, developing tactical managers, implementing control measures and action plans in our risk management, maintaining monitoring in all our operations, having as a fundamental premise the coherence between our declarations and actions. This way we can ensure today while preparing for tomorrow, together with the permanent disclosure of our corporate integrity line , our grievance mechanism available to all stakeholders. 

Economic value created and distributed:

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2021 was a year in which we continued on the path of economic recovery at a global and local level. At Alianza Team® we reaffirm that, in a scenario of high price volatility, international logistics crisis and the different social and economic contexts of the countries where we operate, we achieved excellent results through speed, agility and the capture of opportunities:

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We ensure compliance with economic, environmental and social criteria in all our agricultural and livestock chains by working together with our allies to make a difference.


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Chapter 2

We work every day to leave a better world for future generations; we are on the road to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


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Chapter 3

We believe in people, their talent and their potential, and committed to programs in health, housing, education, entrepreneurship and food security, we will achieve the comprehensivel development of our people.


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Chapter 4

We reach homes with relevant and differentiated solutions through brands that generate a positive impact, leveraged by our people, innovation and sustainability.


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