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The Sustainable Management Report 2021 reflects the work, achievements, commitments and challenges that we have from Alianza Team®, convinced that by Nurturing a better tomorrow we create a better world. Sustainability is the backbone of what we do, we know that we are not alone in the world and that from our daily actions we must generate value to society and contribute to a more hopeful world.


In 2021 we demonstrated what we are made of: courage, passion and resilience. Undoubtedly, this year brought with it great challenges; COVID-19 has remained present in our lives, great volatility in the markets and social conflicts that marked a milestone in our society. This left us with great lessons that, through speed and agility, allowed us to be part of the solution and achieve excellent results. We are firmly convinced that every day represents an opportunity and that by working as a team we will always go further; in the midst of the global situation and the different social and economic contexts in the countries where we operate, we seek above all to be the best allies of our employees, our customers, consumers, suppliers and the communities where we operate. The year 2021 was a new opportunity to continue creating value and to be a more sustainable company every day, contributing to the social and business fabric, guided by our higher purpose to Nurture a better tomorrow.


Finally, we ratify that at Alianza Team®, innovation, talent development and sustainability are the levers that drive the entire strategy of our organization. Below we tell about our most significant achievements and the challenges we face to achieve the three major commitments we have set out in our 2030 Ambition.

Our commitments to 2030

[102-11; 102-14]

“During 2021 we learned that in every complex situation there will always be an opportunity to do things differently, enhance our skills and reaffirm our commitment to leave a better world for future generations. Undoubtedly, the pandemic and the situations we are experiencing are a sign that the world needs more hope, empathy, solidarity and the construction of a fairer society with greater opportunities for all. The responsibility to generate a change belongs to everyone, and each one of us, from our own occupation, must make a positive impact on the planet, this space that we all share and that is ours not only to preserve but to leave it even better for future generations.

Luis Alberto Botero.

President & CEO Alianza Team®

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Alianza Team®

At Alianza Team® we have a genuine interest in leaving a better world for future generations. We are aware that by honoring our higher purpose of nurturing a better tomorrow, we will build a better world, with more opportunities for all.


As a company, we believe in organizational growth through three key levers: our people and a strategy based on innovation and sustainability understood from the economic, environmental and social dimensions.

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Chapter 1

We ensure compliance with economic, environmental and social criteria in all our agricultural and livestock chains by working together with our allies to make a difference.


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Chapter 2

We work every day to leave a better world for future generations; we are on the road to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


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Chapter 3

We believe in people, their talent and their potential, and committed to programs in health, housing, education, entrepreneurship and food security, we will achieve the comprehensivel development of our people.


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Chapter 4

We reach homes with relevant and differentiated solutions through brands that generate a positive impact, leveraged by our people, innovation and sustainability.


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